Principal's Blog

Date: 28 APR 2017
This morning, I was busy in my office  answering a batch of urgent emails. I was aware of a soft tapping on the open door. I looked up to see half a dozen K2 Environment Monitors tip-toe  silently into my office. As they caught my eye they clambered around my desk.

“You must turn your light off!” Demanded a little girl with great excitement.

Her friend joined in. “Yes turn your light off when you leave your office!”

“OK”, I said. “I will do my best to remember.”

“Yes, you must.” The girl demanded, smiling.

A little boy pushed his way to the front, shouting,” You must turn the tap off!”

“Why?” I challenged.

“Because……………else you waste water.” After the initial hesitation he completed his argument with an air of smugness.

“You are so right,” I agreed.

Suddenly they spied the comfy looking sofa and clambered onto it.

“And…..” I wondered what was coming next, “turn off your computer” one of the girls shouted  excitedly.

“Why must I turn my computer off?” Once again I challenged.

“ ’Cos it wastes.” She said  pragmatically.

“We are the Monitors” They giggled. I thanked them earnestly and as they left the room, they waved goodbye and turned my light off, plunging me into dim half-light.

I could hear their giggles all the way back to their classroom – I wonder if they will remember to do as they say!

Our current theme on Conservation is great and  school is buzzing with an air of purpose. It is giving  many opportunities for the children to experience and practise taking care of our planet. We must remember that the future is in their hands!