Principal's Blog

Date: 25 MAY 2017
Well – the Art Exhibition at the Cultural Centre made it quite clear – Anfield children are talented, creative and skilled.
Every single piece of work was carefully executed by the child – painting, drawing, cutting and colour mixing.
There were no templates – there were no worksheets, yet through their eyes, Anfield children interpreted the world. They had looked closely at famous artists such as Monet, Klee, Kandinsky and Jane Parker and took inspiration for their artwork.
They have looked closely at artefacts such as ‘Ming’ vases and even rubbish bins!
Across the exhibition, showing over 1200 pieces of art, were contributions from our 2 year olds right up to our 6 year olds. Each and every piece magnificent in its own right; each and every piece unique.
I noticed the great care that each teacher had taken to mount and present the work. I see this as a reflection of respect. Indeed, how the child’s art work is presented gives unspoken messages about how the teachers value the process as well as the end product.
Such days, when children travel to see their artwork and can wallow in the sense of achievement and pride, is an essential ingredient of our teaching. It also gives the children the opportunity to practise what they have been told about how we should behave in an art gallery or museum or church. Thus this can also be seen as an opportunity to work in partnership with parents, teaching socially acceptable behaviour to our young children.
I know the children and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed the Art Exhibition and I am certain that parents and visitors did too!