Our Vision, Mission & Goals


Our vision is to ensure that each child is given a solid foundation of learning, which instils a sense of self-confidence and self-belief.


Anfield is an international Catholic school, where all are committed to creating a loving and joy-filled environment that is inspired by Jesus Christ. Anfield is a culturally diverse environment where all children are challenged, both academically and spiritually.


To encourage respect within the child for themselves, for others and for the environment.
To encourage children to reach their fullest potential in academics, in expressive arts and in sports.
To encourage children to be self-motivated, resilient and diligent in all that they do.
To develop in each child a knowledge, understanding and respect for the Catholic faith.
To provide an environment where everyone in our school community feels safe and is aware of their rights and responsibilities and those of others.
To continually move forward, through innovation, creativity and endeavour, and to explore the world with its myriad of opportunities and challenges.

Educating Hearts and Minds

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Our Catholic School:

is a community which is open, welcoming and inclusive, seeking to prepare pupils to find happiness and to lead lives built upon Christian values, personal integrity and moral courage

A Values-Based Education:

With a family school community that reflects a variety of cultural and family backgrounds, we encourage the ideal of a Christian community where children learn and grow in an environment of inclusiveness, mutual respect and care for one another. A values-based education at Anfield School enables our children to understand their own values along with the values of others, to guide their attitudes and actions in regard to their society and environment.