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Every child with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) should be well looked after and be given an opportunity to be educated in the most appropriate setting to meet their needs, with the aim to support their learning to enable them to access mainstream education when they are able to be fully integrated.  

Many children with SEND in Hong Kong are facing a great deal of negative impact on their schooling. Some children struggle to keep pace with the academic progress of their peers and many find little enjoyment in school. Frequently, an inability to organise their work and their belongings results in even more frustration. The damage to a student’s self-confidence can be devastating and the situation can create pressures on a family as a whole.

These educational challenges cause many problems but they can be overcome. For a particular group of children, we believe that by offering a personalised specialist SEND provision, the change in the child’s self-esteem is marked. As they achieve in academic and creative areas, a belief in their own abilities grows and fuels further success. After a period of time many students are ready to be included in mainstream education.


A SEND Model School in Hong Kong

Anfield Hearts Foundation is an organisation with a strong passion to support the educational needs of the most vulnerable SEND children in Hong Kong. Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying School is a small, but outstanding, special school. We develop and share our best practices with other schools to enhance collective capabilities. If each school sets up a similar SEND provision model, and caters for a few more SEND children, an increasing number of SEND children will benefit from a quality  learning and schooling opportunity which, conceivably, would be life changing.


Making Education Special 

The Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying School accommodates KS1 and KS2 children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities who require significant additional preparation to potentially enter mainstream education, and also those with higher needs who require more specialist provision. 


This charity school is built on the site of a former Koon Ying Public School in San Tin, Yuen Long and provides full support for 48 children. The school is an independent day school for SEND boys and girls, aged between five and twelve, who may respond well to intensive specialist intervention for a short period of time. It provides facilities needed to assess and diagnose students, so they can receive optimal educational support catered to their specific cases. The goal is to help these children to meaningfully reintegrate into the mainstream education system. 


In addition to an adapted English National Curriculum, we provide an intensive, personalised learning environment, with a specific focus on the development of important life skills. We encourage the children to become increasingly independent, generate their own ideas, and explore their own creativity. Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying School is based on understanding the individual needs of each child, tailoring provision to their specific needs, and nurturing their academic and social development. We are a warm and friendly school, committed to caring for each child’s well-being, and all students are consistently encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability.


Support Services

As well as specialist teaching, we provide access to Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Music Therapy, as part of the learning programme. Teachers and therapists plan appropriate learning activities together as part of a multidisciplinary team, incorporating appropriate technologies, so that skills are consolidated within the classroom and there is consistency in approach. We also liaise, and work very closely, with other SEN organisations and schools in Hong Kong, such as Watchdog Hong Kong, Autism Partnership Hong Kong, ESF SEN Team, Child Development Centre, Heep Hong Society etc., in order to provide full support to our students and parents.


Our Students

The children may have a variety of different special needs which affect them cognitively and/or physically, for example, children with moderate learning difficulties which include:- 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Speech and Language disorders/communication difficulties
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Hearing and Vision impairment
  • Physical Challenges


Student Outcomes

We aim to:

  • Support our students to develop their communication, functional skills, social participation and emotional well-being
  • Enable our students to access increased opportunities for inclusion at a later stage
  • Help our students to achieve greater levels of independence
  • Facilitate ongoing educational progress to enable all students to reach their full potential