House System

Anfield School cherishes the House system as a means of encouraging co-operation and friendly competition within a supportive environment. All students belong to one of four ‘Houses’: Faith, Hope, Love and Charity.

Houses compete throughout the year in academics, sport, drama, community service and other activities. House points are also used to reinforce good behaviour, academic effort and endeavour, and can be awarded by staff for a wide variety of reasons. Once awarded, House points are never deducted as a sanction. Children accumulate House points and are awarded bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificates, depending on the number of earned points. During our weekly Celebration Assemblies, announcements regarding the total number of house points achieved by each House that week are made.

Each term, the points earned by all House members are totalled and the winning House is presented with the termly trophy. At the end of the academic year, a final House trophy is awarded to the overall points’ winner. House Captains and Vice Captains are elected for each House from Year 6. They provide positive leadership for all students in their House.

The House System at Anfield School promotes:

  • Shared aims and goals
  • Collaboration, teamwork and cooperation
  • Participation in competitions and sport
  • Growth in self esteem
  • Inclusion