Learning Through Play

Every play opportunity is an opportunity to learn. Play underpins the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and provides the basis of our learning at Anfield International Kindergarten & Nursery. Playing and exploring is a key characteristic of effective learning. At Anfield, we believe in providing a safe, rich and enabling environment that facilitates children’s learning development, ignites their creativity and develops a love for life-long learning. We encourage children to be active learners and to interact with a wide range of stimulating and interesting resources through our continuous provision. Learning activities are carefully planned with clear intentions, where children can make independent choices and take the lead to explore, investigate and gain knowledge. Teachers engage with the children during their play and support learning by asking open-ended questions and modelling vocabulary.

We set up our learning environments to provide a versatile range of learning with specific areas, including:

  • Role-play area
  • Enquiry area
  • Sensory exploration area
  • Construction play area

Through play, young children consolidate their understanding of the world. It is an excellent way for them to express themselves and build confidence and self-esteem. Through play, children will learn to take turns and understand the feelings of others, whilst developing their language and their problem-solving skills.