Our Approach

Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying is an inclusive school committed to a broad, balanced curriculum that focuses on the wellbeing and progress of every child. We have high expectations of all our students, and every member of the school community is regarded as being of equal worth and importance.

Being an independent Catholic, international school, we have a strong commitment to the teaching of Christianity whilst supporting a multi-faith approach to the curriculum. We recognise, value and celebrate the rich cultural diversity that exists in our school, and pride ourselves on our commitment to engendering a culture of tolerance, acceptance and mutual respect. The Catholic ethos of the school is reflected in our positive and calm atmosphere. We endeavour to ensure that all our students fulfil their potential and, within this context, we emphasise health and safety, enjoyment and achievement and the beginnings of responsibility for themselves and others. These skills will be carried forward to the next phase of education and throughout life. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture and a welcoming and supportive school community.

At Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying School we believe that effective learning takes place when children work in a purposeful and stimulating environment that supports a wide range of learning styles. To ensure our students achieve their potential, we engage a range of strategies to issue challenge at an appropriate level, and provide support to overcome barriers to learning. We use appropriate teaching strategies and interventions that make learning challenging, enjoyable and successful, whilst maintaining equality of educational opportunity for all.