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Educating Hearts and Minds


Our vision is to ensure each child is given a solid foundation of learning, has a sense of self-confidence and self-belief, and is self-motivated, flexible and cooperative.


Anfield is a Catholic school, in an international setting, where all are committed to creating a loving and joy-filled environment that is inspired by Jesus Christ. Anfield is a culturally diverse environment where all children are challenged, both academically and spiritually, to embrace and expand their international connections, enabling them to achieve their full potential and thrive within the global community.


  • To encourage the development in all students, the qualities of personal responsibility, consideration, courtesy and respect in their relationships with one another, their teachers, the local and global community and the environment. 
  • To work for excellence in all academic, cultural and sporting endeavours, stimulating excitement in learning and requiring discipline in study, whatever the ability of the child. 
  • To encourage children to be self-motivated, to strive to do their best in everything they do and to have confidence to take risks. 
  • To encourage children in independent and critical thinking about the standards and values in society and the global community, and to discover and develop a personal faith to guide them throughout their lives. 
  • To develop in each child a knowledge, understanding and respect for the Catholic faith. 
  • To prepare children for their next stage of learning in an internationally-minded environment that encourages high standards of achievement and a life-long love of learning. 
  • To provide an environment where everyone in our school community feels safe and is aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  • • To continually move forward, through innovation, creativity and endeavour, and to explore the world with its myriad of opportunities and challenges.


  • is a community which is open, welcoming and inclusive, seeking to prepare pupils to find happiness and to lead lives of goodness, built upon Christian values, personal integrity and moral courage 
  • promotes genuine human growth, not only for Catholic pupils but for those of other faith traditions and those with stances for living which may be independent of religious belief is challenged to provide our pupils with structured opportunities of encounter with Jesus, opportunities to learn about His life, to understand His teaching, to develop the virtues and values which He promotes and to follow His witness in service to others 
  • aims to help all pupils to develop their fullest potential, preparing them for life, informing their minds and forming their characters so that they can contribute with others to the transformation of their world, by following the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who is our Way, Truth and Life. 


With a family school community that reflects a variety of cultural and family backgrounds, we encourage the ideal of a Christian community where boys and girls learn and grow in an environment of inclusiveness, mutual respect and care for one another. We believe that the gospel values and attitudes we live by affect how we relate to other people and to all our activities in the environment, and so are major influence on our prospects for achieving a sustainable future. 

Anfield boys and girls aim to be kind, loving, loyal, obedient, peaceful, forgiving, friendly, generous, helpful and humble. A values-based Education at Anfield School enables our children to understand their own values along with the values of others, to guide their attitudes and actions in regard to their society and environment. 

We believe that our Values-based Education is based on the Christian ethics of the School, as follows: 

  • Community. Acceptance, appreciation of creation, belonging, caring, courage, empathy, hope, involvement, justice, love, peace-seeking, prayer, respect, service, stewardship, trust 
  • Courage. Caring, concern, discipline, fortitude, patience, perseverance, prayer, prudence, respect, restraint, sacrifice, self-denial, temperance, truth 
  • Faith. Almsgiving, belonging, compassion, doctrine, gratitude to God, hope, involvement, joy, love, prayer, self-denial, revelation, truth 
  • Hope. Caring, compassion, joy, optimism, prayer, prophecy, providence, realism, trust 
  • Justice. Belonging, caring, commitment, community, concern, conflict resolution, courage, empathy, equal distribution of goods, human dignity, interdependence, involvement, love, peace-seeking, respect, risk, stewardship 
  • Love. Acceptance, appreciation of creation, caring, community, compassion, concern, creativity, discipline, doctrine, faith, hope, interdependence, involvement, justice, prudence, reconciliation, respect, reverence, sacrifice, self-esteem, stewardship, temperance 
  • Reconciliation. Caring, commitment, compassion, conflict resolution, concern, conversion, correction, forgiveness, interdependence, involvement, love, optimism, prayer, respect, self-improvement, tolerance 
  • Service. Almsgiving, caring, commitment, community, compassion, concern, courage, empathy, equal distribution of goods, hope, involvement, joy, justice, love, prayer, respect, stewardship 


In support of our vision and mission statements and our stated goals, we aim for our children to be; 

  • Aspirational 
  • Nurturing 
  • Fair 
  • Innovative 
  • Effective Communicator 
  • Life-long Learner 
  • Determined 


  • I know about where I live, the communities I belong to and other places and people I share our world with. 
  • I am learning about different cultures and global issues which affect me and others around our world. 
  • I know what I can do to be a successful global citizen for the future.