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The English National Curriculum

The English National Curriculum (ENC) is used by all schools in England and is widely recognised by thousands of British curriculum international schools all over the world. It is estimated that over 30,000 schools in total follow the English National Curriculum. The ENC is well-established, being launched in 1988 and developed consistently since then. It is ‘broad and balanced’, covering a full range of subjects up to the age of 14. The curriculum focuses on delivering the highest academic standards whilst ensuring that students also develop wider life skills.



The ENC is highly structured, from early years to age 14, with progress measures throughout to keep parents and teachers informed regarding student progress. Progress is benchmarked against the expectations from the curriculum, and can be assessed against all other ENC schools. The ENC is adaptable to an international school setting and also provides opportunities for enhancement activities.


Preparing students for the real world

Global universities and employers value the ENC as it promotes skills that they are looking for in adults, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, global awareness, digital literacy, breadth of thinking and creativity. The ENC also focuses on personal, social, health, and economic education. ensuring that personal development is central to the programmes offered.