We are proud to have accreditation and membership from world renowned bodies and to be members of organisations that provide our staff and students with academic opportunities and experiences.





Council of International Schools (CIS)  

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. Anfield School initially gained full accreditation in May 2016 and continues to work through the 5-yearly cycle of review. Our next Team Evaluation visit will be in June 2022. To read through the commendations from the CIS accrediation team following our Preparatory Evaluation in 2021, you can do so here


Anfield School is a warm, vibrant and caring community which lives its guiding statements in all respects, as exemplified in stakeholder meetings, lesson observations and detailed narratives provided for the preparatory visit.

The school has a palpable commitment to inclusion, as exemplified through the St. Bosco section. Global citizenship is a key feature of the school, being promoted through the taught curriculum, external partnerships and community engagement. Student well-being and safety is a high priority with a number of robust policies in place, supported by exemplary practices and values based approaches to student behaviour. (CIS Inspection Report 2021)

National Online Safety 

National Online Safety (NOS) is a U.K. based programme to help schools meet their statutory safeguarding and curriculum requirements, through the most comprehensive online safety programme for educators, parents and children. As a member school, we showcase our commitment to Online Safety Education for all members of our school community. Anfield School initially gained this accreditation in 2021, for its work with the whole school community during the prolonged period of online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to work with our staff, students and parents to keep up-to-date with ways in which we can improve our online learning provision and continue to educate our whole school community in this area.

With help from our computing coordinator, National Online Safety wrote a case study about Anfield School and how we utilise their safety programme. You can read the full case study here.