Parent Workshops

‘The school provides a variety of information and training sessions for parents which are well attended, and this continued during the lockdown period through Google Meet. Parents expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the school to provide extensive, regular communication during lockdown’ (CIS Inspection Report 2021).

Throughout the year, we host a number of parent workshops in order to facilitate a strong learning partnership between home and school. Through attendance at these events, parents feel empowered to support their child’s learning and are better informed about the methodologies and practises being used in the classroom. Each year we host curriculum based workshops led by our Mandarin Team and English and Maths Subject Leaders. As part of a rolling programme, we also incorporate current themes within education e.g. STEAM, Growth Mindset & Mindfulness and Technology in our World.

Friends of Anfield 

Friends of Anfield (FOA) is our voluntary parents’ association. 

Its main objectives are:

  • To promote Anfield
  • To provide practical assistance in a number of areas of the school
  • To act as a forum for discussion
  • To promote and assist in fundraising projects
  • To organise social activities which bring the school family together

Membership of the Friends of Anfield is automatic on joining the school. It is not a policy-forming body, nor does it deal with academic matters, but matters raised at the Committee’s meetings may, if the Committee wishes, be put forward for further discussion by the Head of School, Staff and Board. The Committee comprises parents of students from the various year groups represented in the school, and the Head of School.

Charity Work


As part of our Monthly Themes and International Mindedness focus, each month we connect with a local or a global charity. The children are able to learn about these charities in our IM celebration days. Representatives from the charities, host an online information sessions for our students where they share the story of their charity, what they do and what we can do to help and support them.