Welcome to Anfield 

As a family school community, Anfield provides the highest quality education, developing independent and critical thinking skills in a culturally aware Catholic environment. Our schools value and encourage the characteristics of honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect in all of our students as we prepare them to live in a complex and ever-changing world.

An Anfield Education

An Anfield Education begins when your child is aged 2, as they embark on their learning journey in our Nursery class. This continues as they take advantage of our through-train facility in our mainstream provision, which offers space to continue their learning into Kindergarten and then on to Primary. We pride ourselves in building an inclusive environment where every child is valued and respected by our dedicated staff teams. Communication between home and school is vital in sharing achievements and progress that your child has made as they grow and develop within our Anfield community.


Anfield was founded in 1999 by like-minded professionals who sought to provide high quality British-style international education which would be undertaken in a small school setting.

Anfield International Kindergarten was established in August 2000, as a private, co-educational Catholic institution dedicated to preparing children for progression into international primary school systems. To this day, we still offer a British curriculum adapted to take account of our international setting.

Anfield International Kindergarten then expanded into two campuses: the original school at Kowloon Tong opened in 2000, and the ensuing school, Anfield International Kindergarten and Nursery at Whampoa in 2008. Both campuses serve the Hong Kong community by providing an English-based, highly interactive and stimulating educational curriculum at playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels. Learning at both kindergarten schools is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the English National Curriculum and guided by Development Matters 2021.


1999 Anfield Kiddie’s Club was established


Anfield International Kindergarten, Kowloon Tong was established at 6 Somerset Road, Kowloon Tong


Anfield International Kindergarten, Laguna Verde was established


Anfield International Kindergarten, Kowloon Tong was relocated to 5 Cumberland Road, Kowloon Tong


Anfield School was established


St. Bosco Koon Ying School was established

Our primary provision, Anfield School, represented a logical and necessary extension to an educational vision following numerous requests from parents to establish our own primary school. Consequently, Anfield School, a private, independent Catholic primary school for boys and girls from Year One to Year Six was established in September 2011 Tai Wai, Shatin. English is used as the medium for teaching and learning at Anfield and there is a strong emphasis on the acquisition of Chinese (Putonghua) as a second language.

On seeing the need for a specialised provision for students with additional needs, the St. Bosco Centre was opened within the primary campus in 2014. This specialist provision, provides an appropriately modified teaching programme, which is based on the skills needed to access the English National Curriculum. Within the St. Bosco Centre, the learning objectives and activities are tailored specifically to the needs of each child. From here they are given additional support with a view to enabling them to access full-time mainstream learning, ideally within a 1-2 year period.

In order to extend the SEN provision for students in Hong Kong yet further, the new Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying section was established in August 2021. Whilst this provision is currently housed within our Tai Wai campus, the new St. Bosco Koon Ying School will open on its own site in Yuen Long in January 2024. The Anfield St. Bosco Koon Ying School supports students from Year One to Year Six with special educational needs, who require significant preparation to potentially enter mainstream education, and also those with higher needs who require more specialist provision. In addition to an adapted English National Curriculum, an intensive, personalised learning environment is provided for our students, with a specific focus on the development of important life skills. Speech and Language therapy and Occupational therapy are also accessed by students on-site through this provision.

Throughout its history, Anfield has had a reputation for being a loving, caring, happy and relaxed environment where children can enjoy their school days whilst learning. Children therefore look back on their Anfield experience with fond memories. This atmosphere remains across each of our campuses and is greatly treasured by all to this day.