Snack & Lunch

Childhood is a critical time for growth and development, and snacks provide important nutrients that your child needs between meals. During the school week, this means children should have a nutritious mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to meet the demands of their growing bodies and brains. Snack time is built into the classroom routine and is a social time whereby students and staff can interact with each other and practise correct table manners and hygiene routines.

At Anfield International Kindergarten snacks are provided by the school.

Students attending the full day (FD) classes will have one snack provided in the morning and one in the afternoon.

AM and PM children will have one snack part-way through their session.

Snacks provided are nutritious
e.g. Fruit (cantaloupe melon, watermelon, apple, pear, and raisins)
        Carbohydrate (variety of biscuits and crackers)

Lunch for the Full Day students

Students attending the full-day classes are required to have a lunch provided by parents. Clean and organised lunch boxes should be brought into the school with the student at the start of each day (8:30am). All food should be prepared to encourage children to eat independently and items such as fruit should be cut into appropriate bite sized portions. Anfield encourages healthy and nutritious meals. The students will eat lunch in their classroom, which is a comfortable and safe atmosphere, monitored by a member of staff. During lunchtime, children will practise correct table manners, etiquette and expected hygiene routines.