Homework & Assessment


The purpose of our homework tasks at Anfield School is to provide opportunities for our students to have a fun, interactive and enjoyable learning experience at home to enhance and reinforce learning from school. Our aim is that our homework programme is purposeful, related to learning taking place at school and presented in a way that stimulates and engages our students. This may involve revision of learning, personal research and presentation in various forms, for example posters, speeches etc. All children can expect reading, spelling/phonics, maths (online using IXL) and Mandarin homework on a regular basis (amount of homework is related to the age and stage of students). Homework activities are assigned online via Google Classroom or directly from the class teacher.


Assessment is at the heart of a successful curriculum and is a fundamental part of good teaching and learning. It enables teachers to shape and adapt their teaching to individual needs and aspirations.

At Anfield School, we use assessment as a means by which:

  • Students are helped to recognise their achievements and make progress with their learning from an understanding of what they need to do to develop
  • Teachers plan and differentiate their teaching in response to students’ learning strengths and needs
  • Parents are helped to understand students’ progress and ways in which students need to be supported in their learning and development

At the end of each academic year, children will complete the INCAS online assessment to assess their progress in English, Maths and Developed Ability. The results are recorded on the End of Year Academic Report. Each child receives a level of attainment in English and Maths which shows progress and attainment during the academic year. At the end of Year 1, children will complete the U.K. Phonics Screening Check which assesses their progress in reading. At the end of Year 6, children will complete the U.K. SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) screening check which assesses their progress in grammar.

Assessment is not a means by which we define a child, it is one aspect of the ‘big picture’. At Anfield School, we ensure that we look at the social, physical and spiritual development of each child, as well as their academic achievements to set personal targets so that every child has their own success story.