We are proud to have accreditation and membership from world renowned bodies and to be members of organisations that provide our staff and students with academic opportunities and experiences.

Council of International Schools (CIS)

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. Anfield School initially gained full accreditation in May 2016 and continues to work through the 5-yearly cycle of review. To read through the commendations from the CIS accreditation team following our Team Evaluation visit in June 2022 you can do so here.


Anfield School is a warm, vibrant and caring community which lives its guiding statements in all respects, as exemplified in stakeholder meetings, lesson observations and detailed narratives provided for the preparatory visit. The school has a palpable commitment to inclusion, as exemplified through the St. Bosco section. Global citizenship is a key feature of the school, being promoted through the taught curriculum, external partnerships and community engagement. Student well-being and safety is a high priority with a number of robust policies in place, supported by exemplary practices and values based approaches to student behaviour. (CIS Inspection Report 2021)

CIS Team Evaluation: Commendations

Domain A

Purpose & Direction

The school leaders and teachers for diversifying the opportunities for students to develop and apply their understanding of global citizenship and intercultural learning through a variety of activities within the taught and extracurricular programs.

The school leaders for the inclusivity of the school’s admissions practices and their commitment to meeting the diverse range of individual student’s needs.

Domain B

Governance, Ownership & Leadership

The board and executive headteacher for a clear structure, supportive partnership, and shared vision which enables the head of school to focus on leading the strategic direction for the betterment of student learning.

The board and leadership of the school for sound financial planning to protect the long term interest of the school, to be prepared for emergencies, and to inform future educational improvement.

Domain C


Subject leaders and teachers for developing a progression of life skills related to international mindedness and for embedding these across the curriculum to help prepare and empower students to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

The staff for providing engaging opportunities for students to learn, celebrate, and use their own language, along with the language of their host country, and those of others in the school community.

The leadership team for encouraging creative and innovative teaching practices which provide engaging and motivating activities for the students.


Domain D


The teaching assistants for supporting the development of student learning in a caring and high-quality environment so they can flourish and develop their potential. 

The school for their inclusive admissions policies and assessment practices which provide a supportive educational environment; allowing for students with special educational needs to experience success. 

The school for its continued commitment to helping their students develop their understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and equipping them with the skills and attitudes to do this successfully. 

The students for their proactive measures to increase awareness of the school’s environmental responsibility by applying their learning in a real life context.

Domain E


The school leadership team for creating an environment which fosters and develops strong, trusting relationships throughout the school which benefit the students’ learning and well-being

The school for developing connections with a wide range of education specialists who are supporting and aiding the development of the students at school as well as in the wider community

The staff for their dedication and hard work to ensure special needs students are able to continue their education at a suitable secondary school.

Domain F


The board for responding positively to the needs of students by employing additional staff to support, in particular, Year 1 students and students with special educational needs.

The staff for creating a working environment where every individual is trusted and treated with dignity and respect.

Domain G

Premises, facilities, technology systems, and auxiliary services

The housekeeping and administration staff for ensuring high level of maintenance, cleanliness, and safety for students, staff, and the community which promotes student and staff well-being. 

To the board for their ongoing commitment to upgrading facilities, resources, infrastructure, and digital technologies to positively impact learning and support more efficient administrative operations.

Domain H

Community & Home Partnerships

Friends of Anfield for being supportive of the school and for helping to create a family friendly and welcoming culture for the benefit of the wider community.


National Online Safety (NOS)

National Online Safety (NOS) is a U.K. based programme to help schools meet their statutory safeguarding and curriculum requirements, through the most comprehensive online safety programme for educators, parents and children. As a member school, we showcase our commitment to Online Safety Education for all members of our school community. Anfield School initially gained ambassador school status in 2021, for its work with the whole school community during the prolonged period of online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to work with our staff, students and parents to keep up-to-date with ways in which we can improve our online learning provision and continue to educate our whole school community in this area.

With help from our computing coordinator, National Online Safety wrote a case study about Anfield School and how we utilise their safety programme. You can read the full case study here.