Student Leadership

Student leadership is undoubtedly a major strength of the school, which is recognised and appreciated by all stakeholder groups, reflecting the Anfield Attributes (CIS Inspection Report 2021).

We are proud of the range of leadership opportunities that we provide for our students at Anfield School. We have three different student organisations composed of representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 and our St. Bosco Centre. Student leadership opportunities within our school enable students to develop life skills such as collaboration, communication, organisation, decision-making and leadership.

The children in each of these organisations have the opportunity to take part in meetings where they can make suggestions and help bring about positive change in school. Representatives from each class are chosen following a secret vote and students put themselves forward to be considered by either preparing a speech for their classmates or compiling a video or presentation about the reason they should be democratically elected by their peers.

School Council

Anfield School Council is made up of a group of children that are eager to be involved in different projects around school to make it a better place for everyone. Most recently, our School Council was involved in creating designs for our playground and in discussing ways that we could be more environmentally friendly as a school. Ongoing projects include discussing and creating ways to enhance our inclusive nature when outside for play.

International Mindedness (IM) Ambassadors

We celebrate the fact that our Anfield family is diverse and therefore there is so much to learn from each other. The International Mindedness Ambassadors are a group of children who are passionate about our world and want to teach others about protecting our planet, as well as educating students to respect traditions and cultures from around the globe. They help their peers to learn about and understand the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and deliver the P.S.H.C.E linked monthly themes across the whole school community.

Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders are passionate about technology and keen to inspire others to use technology effectively in school. They work hard to share ideas and new technology with their class and share the importance of staying safe online. The Digital Leaders also have the opportunity to discuss all of the different ways in which the school can effectively utilise our S.T.E.A.M. lab. They are pivotal in helping to organise our Hour of Code activities that take place each year.